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The emerging use of water based paints has created different requirements for paint booth air handling systems. Maximum air flow is what is required to effectively and properly dry water based paints. Industrial Coating Services has always provided our paint booths with a " Full Air Flow" cure cycle as a standard feature through using a larger burner in our heated air make up units as a standard feature. It is air flow and air changes in the paint booth that maximizes the removal of water vapors and provides the most efficient and cost effective method for curing. Merely agitating or stirring the air will not assist with the drying process....the moist air, whether water based or solvent based, must be removed from the area and replaced with high volumes of dry clean air.

Think of sitting a damp towel on a table to dry in a closed booth, the more clean dry air you pass over the towel the faster it will dry. You must remove the moisture laden air from the booth. The more air changes per minute the more moisture you are removing. Operating at "Full Air Flow" during the cure cycle provides the most air changes per minute thus improving efficiency and lowering energy costs. This is true for both water based paints and solvent based paints. Our paint booths as a standard feature operate at "Full Air Flow" in the cure cycle while most others slow the air flow to half speed and half volume during the cure cycle. We also offer an " Infinite Airflow Control System" option for all of our booths. This system allows you total control of the air flow, air speed, air volume, air pressure, and temperature.

Our water based paint booth systems are not retro-fits and do not just agitate the already wet air. Our systems are designed to get the wet air out of the booth as quickly as possible and replace that moisture filled air with clean, dry, heated air. Select any of our booths with a heat and cure package and you will be purchasing a system that provides "Full Air Flow" during the drying/curing cycle for optimum water based paint drying as well as optimum solvent based drying and curing......reducing drying times and energy costs.

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